When can I expect my product to be delivered? 

Delivery time frame can take 3-5 business days.

What is the return policy? 

60 days money back guarantee. Please make all return requests by email. (Free postage for return). Info@sonicDerm.club

Are there 2 handles in Sonic Derm?

No. There is one, but two heads you can exchange to use the exfoliation pad head.

Can we reuse the exfoliation pads?

No. Single use only.

Is this rechargeable?

Yes. Comes with charging station.

How does the microdermabrasion work?

With sonic buffing technology. (Patent Pending).

Can you use the exfoliation pad with makeup on?

No. Clean face 2 minutes before exfoliating.

Do we need to wash our face after exfoliating?

No, you can follow up with our C-Spray or any skincare. 

When is the best time to use the microdermabrasion machine?


How often do we exfoliate?

Once a week. 

How do you exchange heads?

Pull straight out. Do Not twist off.

How does the sonic toothbrush floss?

The 4 different length bristles go in between the teeth gaps to brush excess bacteria.

Our regular head only brush inner and outer gum lines

How do I know which toothbrush head is for me?

The flosser head is for people with teeth gaps or have molar separation due to aging.

The regular head is for people who don’t have teeth gaps.

Why is it important to use the sonic toothbrush?

It helps give healthier gums or reverses damaged gum lines than a manual toothbrush. 

Is the Sonic toothbrush Waterproof?


 Is there a manufacturer warranty? 

Yes, 1 year guaranteed 

 Free shipping label. info@SonicDerm.club

 Question: Can people with cold sore history use Lip Benefits?

Answer: If the consumer gets cold sores very frequently, we do not suggest they use this product. If they seldom get cold sores (less than every six months), and only when they have a cold, fever, or UV exposure, then normally this product should not cause any outbreak of the virus. Since we do not know the medical history of the patient, we recommend that in someone who is concerned about onset of cold sores, the decision is left to the patient's own physician who should have sufficient medical knowledge of the patient to make an informed decision.