3D Flosser Sonic Toothbrush- LBailar
3D Flosser Sonic Toothbrush- LBailar
3D Flosser Sonic Toothbrush- LBailar

3D Flosser Sonic Toothbrush- LBailar

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LBailar Sonic 3D Flosser & Toothbrush with 3 Length Bristles – Rechargeable Electric Tooth Brush, Effectively Cleans Between Teeth Gaps – Removes Bacteria, Prevents Bad Breath & Tooth loss

POWERFUL CLEANING: Our electric toothbrush harnesses the power of the latest sonic technology to provide more superior cleaning. It effectively cleans tooth surfaces removing plaque, and whitening your teeth in just two weeks, an effective cleanse, far more superior than using a manual toothbrush.

TRI-LENGTH BRISTLES: The 3D sonic flosser toothbrush heads have unique 3 length bristles that reach deeper in between gaps in teeth and between the gums. It gets rid of any food particles and bacteria that would otherwise cause bad breath and eventual tooth loss. It is the perfect way to maintain a healthy and confident smile.

COMFORTABLE BRUSHING EXPERIENCE: Our electric brush offers a more comfortable but thorough brushing experience thanks to its effective, yet gentle sonic cleaning technology. It allows you to brush longer than you would with a regular toothbrush letting you clean all the crucial areas of your mouth.

STRONG BATTERY: Our sonic flosser comes with a powerful rechargeable battery that stores sufficient power for more hassle-free use. You don't have to worry about suddenly running out of charge, this makes it the perfect brush to bring along on your travels, business trips, or holidays.


4 Heads

1 Handle

1 Charger Base

4 Hygiene Caps